Welcome to The Amazing Fantasy Art of Steve Kimball. Inside this website, you'll find the culmination of Steve's 50+ years of art experience. From painting and illustration to layout design and photography, Steve has taken all of his talents and muddled it down into this site, reverting to his first love, Contrast Art. For more information about Steve, please CLICK HERE.

        The type of art or illustration that you'll find here is based on contrast, being the striking difference between black and white. The art you'll find here has been compared to wooden block print, monochromatics, silhouettes, engravings, and "olde book illustrations." All of these descrip-tions are accurate, plus you'll find some gray tonal art and intricate ink detailed art as well. For more information about Contrast Art, please CLICK HERE.

        Fantasy art presented here can only be found in motion pictures and television programs. You'll not find "copies" of other illustrations or art. There are dozens of volumed subject matter, offering almost 500 different pieces of contrast art. Use the draw down navigation menu at the top of each page to find your favorites.

        Why purchase this art? For one, each is a collector's item as only 100 of each will be printed black on ultra-white 8.5 x 11 quality card stock and hand-numbered with backing board, COA, and sealed in an acrylic sleeve for shipping protection. The package will be mailed USPS First Class postage within contiguous United States.   NO WATERMARKS ON ACTUAL PRINTS

        Here's the best part of the art on this site, every copy can be yours for only $5 + $2 p&h via PayPal. This gives you an inexpensive way to get a celebrity autograph at your next CON. The prints also look awesome in a black frame. To purchase the original art, you'll have to contact Steve for pricing. Once purchased, originals will "retire" all copies of said piece, increasing their value.