Word Panel

HA 01 - The Birds.
HA 02 - Pet Sematary.
HA 03 - Cujo.
HA 04 - Frogs.
HA 05 - Willard.
HA 06 - Killer Shrews.
HA 07 - Bug.
HA 08 - Zombeaver.
HA 09 - Crawl.
HA 10 - Arachnophobia.

Word Panel2
Animal Horrors or natural horror and creature features is a sub-genre of
horror films that features natural forces, typically in the form of animals or
plants, that pose a threat to human characters. Though killer animals in film
have existed since the release of The Lost World in 1925, two of the first
motion pictures to garner mainstream success with a "nature run amok"
premise were The Birds , directed by Alfred Hitchcock and released in 1963;
and Jaws , directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1975. Following
Jaws , numerous horror films of a similar narrative were produced, including
Grizzly (1976), Piranha (1978), and Alligator (1980).

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